Database Services

Microsoft SQL Management
Install, configure and manage SQL Server with an emphasis on optimizing performance and security.

Design, configure, implement and support MySQL enterprise or cluster database deployments.

Support and manage ERP and related database deployments.

Desktop Services

Application Support, Workstation
A set of commonly used workstation software packages is fully supported by our staff.

Desktop Antivirus Management
Every workstation or desktop connected to the client network is required to run antivirus software. This forms the second line of defence against viruses – ensuring that if infected files are opened on client computers, the virus is identified and file access stopped, preventing further infection.

Desktop Configuration Services and Enforcement
The standard user desktop design and configuration enables efficiency in the services provided by our technicians and tools, and reduces costs significantly through standardisation of the computing environment. It also assists in quicker problem-solving when issues occur, and it enables the use of hot-swap computers in the event of a hardware failure. Standard installations are maintained for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. They include the operating system (O/S), standard application packages, drivers for supported hardware and antivirus software.

Desktop Maintenance (hardware and O/S)
We conduct scheduled maintenance of desktops and laptops ensures reliability and stability for users. Optimizing hard drive performance, clearing logs & temp files, O/S patch updates, physical inspections, and other checklisted maintenance items.

Desktop Performance Monitoring (Hardware and Applications)
Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and errors in the operating system software (such as Windows) as well as device hardware components of desktops and laptops. In addition, other applications can be monitored for specific conditions through log file analysis and monitoring of associated processes.

Handheld Computer Support
Support is available for the installation of handheld devices such as Blackberries, iPaq and Palm devices. Advice is available from assistance with purchases, through to resolution of problems using these devices.

Microsoft Windows O/S Patching
Patches automatically updated on a regular basis to the customer’s servers and desktops. MS Baseline Analyzer and MS WSUS Server used

On-Site, Desktop & Laptop Support
When required, our technicians will travel on-site to perform hardware maintenance, proactive problem diagnosis and repairs. Priority can be placed on severe issues according to our client Service Level Agreement.

Linux management
Implementation and support of Linux distributions operating system desktop deployments. Necessary updates and maintenance are also performed to ensure the customer has the most functional and stable environment.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

Business Continuity Planning
We identify, understand and prioritize the criticality of business processes to reduce risks during a business interruption. Using that information, we implement a plan to keep customer business services available during emergencies or while other supporting services are interrupted. To further support that goal, we develop and implement rapid restore procedures.

Data Assessment and Analysis
Our technology consultants work with the customer to assess the current use, manipulation and storage of various customer data to determine if any changes to the process are required. This analysis also leads directly into a disaster recovery plan creation and design.

Digital Archiving of Data, Images, Video and Audio
We offer long-term preservation of email files, corporate data, reports, images, log files, video and audio files, or any other digital media that the customer needs to keep for extended periods of time.

Disaster Recovery
We design, document and test a custom disaster recovery plan for each client. Critical data and devices are identified and incorporated into the plan to ensure a rapid recovery from a data loss or service interruption.

Email Continuity
Inbound customer email is spooled continuously in the event of an outage of the customer’s network or servers. Automatically delivers spooled email messages once the customer’s mail server(s) and connection have been re-established, at a regulated rate to allow new inbound messages to be delivered concurrently.

File storage – electronic via file servers
We offer remote, electronic file storage and access via a fileserver hosted in our datacenter. Various forms of access for users can be arranged, depending on the customer’s needs.

High Availability Services
For customers who have business applications with high availability needs, we implement a plan to have mirrored failover systems so that the threat of service interruption is virtually eliminated.

Hot Spare Program
In order to minimize disruption to clients, we provide a service where damaged or faulty equipment can be swapped with a loan machine while it is repaired. These hot-spare machines are pre-configured with the standard customer operating environment and core applications, to enable staff to continue to work almost immediately.

Identification of Essential Data
Our technology consultants work with the customer to identify and categorize critical data. This information can be used as a starting point in planning and designing a backup strategy.

Monitored Backup Solution
We can continually monitor success, failure or errors related to your on-site tape backup solution.

Remote Backup Services
Customer data is maintained in both a primary data center and a secondary remote data center ensuring that customer data is safe in the unlikely event that a back-up facility is affected by an emergency.

General Support Services

After Hours End-User Support
We provide extended hours user support of the customer’s employees. Specifics of the hours and scope of support will be referred to in the customer’s service agreement.

After Hours Network and Server Support
We provide extended hours support of the customer’s servers and core network devices and services. Specifics of the hours and scope of support will be referred to in the customer’s service agreement.

Customer Satisfaction Management
It is important to us that our clients are satisfied with the services we provide. To ensure we can identify any issues, we actively seek client opinions on a regular basis via our Customer Satisfaction Survey. Responses are made to all appropriate comments, providing information or resolving issues wherever possible.

Customer Service Portal and Self-Service Ticket Creation and Tracking
Customers have the ability to create and track a trouble ticket on our website. This is convenient for them, and takes workload off our top engineers.

Helpdesk Services
Helpdesk – Provides front-line support services to end-users. It is accessible by phone or email. The Helpdesk provides a responsive service for logging, tracking and resolution of issues encountered by our clients users. The IT Helpdesk is the central communications hub for all IT issues, and ensures clients are well informed of the progress of their problems. It also ensures the timely resolution of issues through a well defined escalation process.

Hourly Billing of End User Support
We bill our customers based on the end user support services they consume, in a traditional Time & Materials format.

Hourly Billing of Network Support
We bill our customers based on the network support services they consume, in a traditional Time & Materials format.

Incident Management
Incident Management is a set of processes whose aim is to ensure any interruptions to normal service for our clients are kept to a minimum, and the client is returned to normal operations as soon as possible. In the event of delays, the Incident Management processes ensure appropriate escalation of incidents to expert staff for timely resolution.

Incident Resolution
The IT Helpdesk is the first point of contact for all IT support enquiries. It is accessible by phone, email, the intranet. Helpdesk staff ensure all incidents are logged accurately and wherever possible resolve issues at the first point of contact. If required, incidents are escalated to expert staff. In those cases the Helpdesk staff ensure timely resolution and maintain communications with the client.

Incident-Based Billing of End User Support
We bill our customers for end user or helpdesk support based on a per-incident structure, rather than time spent on resolution. We have a ruleset for classifying all incidents to ensure they are being assigned and billed properly.

On-Site, Deskside User Support
This hands-on support enables our clients to get the best out of their computing resources and includes assistance with support, maintenance, planning and minor training issues.

Pre-Purchased Blocks of Support Hours
We offer bulk discounting for customers who pre-purchase a block of support hours. There is some flexibility in the consumption of these hours (will be referenced in the customer’s service agreement).

Priority Response Level
As a preferred contract customer, response to your issues and requests are handled by a more stringent set of terms, and are given priority over non-contract customers.

Problem Management
Our Problem Management services include the analysis of data recorded by our support staff to determine common causes of outages or incidents affecting large numbers of users, and then managing the process of identification of the root cause of the problem and elimination of the error from the infrastructure. Thus it has an important role in the continual improvement of our client IT Services.

Self-Service Knowledgebase, FAQ and troubleshooting
Automated analysis and repair capabilities empower end users to go beyond manual diagnosis and resolution, leading to significant call avoidance. Single-click access to knowledge articles and automated tasks enable end users to solve low to medium complexity issues instantly—without any technical knowledge.

User and Account Administration
The Helpdesk provides support for all customer users. This includes services such as password resets, balance enquiries, account history enquiries and bill payments.

Hosting and Internet Services

DNS provisioning and setup
We can register and administrate domain names for our customers, as well as obtaining dedicated public IP addresses.

Hosted Application Servers (managed)
We host customer applications servers in our state-of-the-art datacenter, including management and support for the application (such as email) and O/S, as well as internet connectivity and usage. List applications in the Notes area.

Internet (ISP) services
We provide internet access and usage to our customers, scaled to fit their needs. From dialup and DSL, right up to high-speed ethernet and dedicated T1, T3 or optical lines. We also offer monitoring reports on connectivity and usage.

Server Hosting & Colocation
We host customer servers in our state-of-the-art datacenter, including internet connectivity and usage.

Website hosting
We host customer websites and e-commerce sites on our cutting-edge web servers, including internet connectivity. We can also offer reporting metrics on page hits, downloaded content, and other factors.

IT Consulting Services

Asset Tracking and Reporting
We supply customers with a regular, detailed IT asset reports, also showing changes over time, either new assets appearing or previous assets disappearing.

Change Management Services
Change Management ensures that all changes to the client infrastructure follow our standardized methods and procedures for efficient handling of all changes, to ensure minimisation of impact on the client’s operations and infrastructure.

Compliance Planning and Reporting
New laws on information security such as Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA and HIPAA put company management under pressure to protect client data. We have significant expertise in the area of compliance planning and ensuring that the it is implemented on an ongoing, proactive basis.

Employee Training (list topics and applications)
Our skilled consultants can train customer employees in a variety of areas, including specific application usage, security concerns and best practices, optimizing their workflow, and training on a variety of other technology topics.

Hardware and Software Procurement Assistance
Research, analyze and evaluate possible solutions for clients. Technical advice is available to ensure equipment and applications will perform the tasks required. It is also important that equipment complies with our policy to ensure appropriate quality, reliability and supportability.

Hardware Evaluation
A Hardware evaluation service is provided when necessary for non-supported computer equipment and for on-going evaluation of preferred supplier’s new products.

Hardware Service History
A detailed service history for all managed or serviced equipment is maintained. This ensures that trends in faults and in the reliability of equipment are more easily spotted, and we can move to ensure rectification to avoid the occurrence of high impact incidents.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management
The centralized purchasing of IT equipment allows an automated system to add the equipment into the client Fixed Assets Register, and to the Configuration Management Database. This ensures accurate records are kept on the location, specifications and usage of all equipment. We plan and manage the optimal functioning lifespan of our client’s IT assets, and plan for their upgrade, retirement and/or replacement in an ongoing fashion.

IT Service Management
IT Service Management is a framework of internationally recognised best practices for operating IT Services. The results are efficiencies and improved service to our clients. Consultation is available from experienced process developers to assist with streamlining services, and measuring and improving the services available.

License Compliance Reporting
We supply a regular report showing actual licenses consumed of a specific application, compared to the number of installations of that application. This allows customers to stay within compliance of their vendor software licensing agreements.

Network Assessments and Auditing
Using a combination of industry-standard tools and procedures, we document and assess a customer’s network, looking for areas of vulnerability, bottlenecks, service gaps and other concerns about the network in its ability to support the customer’s business services and requirements. At the conclusion, we offer a report that categorizes and details the findings, with emphasis on areas that require change or improvement.

Reporting, business impact
We author custom reports for customers that tie network and IT performance to their core business functions. Issues such as availability, downtime, industry or security compliance, data backup and others are linked to their impact on those business functions.

Reporting, technical analysis
We supply our customers with regular reports that have analysis of technical issues. They include: Windows patch levels/success, backup performance, O/S errors, security issues, application compliance and more.

Reporting, technical usage
We supply our customers with regular reports that have detailed technical usage metrics. They include: bandwidth, traffic, disk utilization, network incidents, memory, CPU.

Staff augmentation
We can supplement IT staff for clients who maintain their own IT support teams. We supply full-time, on-site IT technicians for our clients who have staff shortages due to vacation, illness or understaffing.

Vendor Relationship Management
We maintain direct relationships with hardware and software manufacturers and vendors, effectively communicating with them on behalf of our customers on support, research and upgrade issues.

Workflow Assessment and Optimization
We help you document, analyze and standardize the most efficient way for your employees to use your network to effectively support your business.

Network Services

Active Directory Authentication Services and LDAP
Through Active Directory, we provide our clients central authentication and authorization services for Windows-based computers. Active Directory also allows our engineers and tools to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates to an entire organization. Active Directory stores information and settings relating to our client’s organization in a central, organized, accessible database.

Configuration Management
Configuration Management ensures that all infrastructure has accompanying documentation, and that we are aware of all system dependencies. We maintain a database of this information (the Configuration Management Database or CMDB). This assists with planning to avoid unwanted impact of changes made to other system components.

Dynamic Network Configuration
Dynamic network configuration is an important feature to maintain connectivity between all systems on the customer network. This service is maintained through a server which dynamically assigns addresses to all systems attached to the network.

Group Policy Management
We set up and manage the infrastructure used to deliver and apply one or more desired configurations or policy settings to a set of customer’s targeted users and computers within a customer’s Active Directory environment.

IT Hardware On-Site Technical Support (via field engineers)
The field engineering team visits customer sites when necessary for both responsive support issues as well as preventative maintenance to networking devices.

IT Hardware Remote Technical Support
The support desk or NOC resolves issues with networking devices remotely when possible, as well as delivering preventative maintenance when necessary.

IT Hardware Remote Technical Support (via NOC)
The Service Desk / NOC provides a comprehensive maintenance, support and consultancy service for all customer computing equipment. The ability to service this equipment onsite or remotely ensures a rapid turnaround and maintains the quality of your computing assets. The Service Desk manages the database of equipment supported by IT and also maintains detailed service histories for all equipment. Remote maintenance, troubleshooting, escalation and monitoring is all driven from here.

LAN support
We provide support services for the ongoing operation and configuration of the customer’s local area network.

Pre-Deployment Testing
We test all upgrades and service packs for server-related O/S and applications before deploying them in customer environments.

Router and Switch Availability Monitoring
Monitoring the ongoing availability and connectivity of networking hardware.

Router and Switch Performance Monitoring
Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance bandwidth, traffic and errors of networking hardware.

VPN support
We provide support services for the ongoing operation and configuration of the customer’s virtual private network.

WAN support
We provide support services for the ongoing operation and configuration of the customer’s wide area network

Windows Domain Services
We provide setup, configuration and management of the systems that respond to security authentication requests (logging in, checking permissions, etc.) within the client’s Windows Server domain.

Wireless support
We provide support services for the ongoing operation and configuration of the customer’s wireless and/or WiFi network elements.

Other Projects and Offerings

Cabling services including data wiring and cabling, LAN and WAN switches, wireless, routers and an array of other, specialized networking equipment.

Data Disposal
Secure and reliable data eradication, data destruction and disposal of various types of media (tapes, CDs, hard drives, etc). List any industry standards the data disposal is done according to.

Data Recovery
Accidental deletion of emails or email folders occasionally requires recovery from the backup services. In the unfortunate event that data is deleted, corrupted or lost, we offer services to assist with recovery of this data. Damaged floppy disks or hard drives may in some cases still contain valuable data. Our staff can, in conjunction with other staff, use specialist tools to aid in recovery of this data.

Extended Warranty – I.T. hardware
We offer a warranty plan for IT equipment that is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty. These plans include replacement of failed device components specified in the warranty, as well as the labour associated with the repair.

Handheld Computing Design and Implementation
Design and implementation is available for the installation of handheld device services such as Blackberries, iPaq and Palm devices. We will install all hardware and software necessary.

Hardware and Application Installation
Staff are available to install and configure new equipment for departments, and arrange for the transfer of existing software and data, if required

We offer select customers access to our Hardware-as-a-Service solution. It incorporates a fully-managed IT support solution, coupled with the usage of all necessary IT assets. For a single monthly fee, the customer has access to all IT assets, with a full maintenance and support contract so that all their monthly IT expenses are part of the solution, and there are no additional charges. The customer doesn’t own the IT assets, but rather pays for their usage and support in one, blended payment.

LAN/WAN/VPN Design & Implementation
We offer network design and implementation of LANs, WANS, VPN, WLANs and alternative wireless networks, to build a network that matches the customer’s needs.

Leasing Services
We have relationships with lendors or leasing companies, and can facilitate the leasing or financing of IT purchases for our customers.

Procurement Services and Hardware Sales
We offer a wide variety of hardware components and devices from the leading technology manufacturers. Thousands of products, ranging from desktop computers to network routing equipment and software applications are available at very competitive prices. In addition, we can research devices and applications on your behalf to find the optimal fit for your business.

Relocation Services
We consult with our client to plan the optimal relocation process of your computer and phone systems as well as voice and data networks to ensure a minimum of service interruption. We engage other specialized vendors where necessary to assist with the relocation project.

Telephone & PBX solutions
We design and implement business telephone systems that suit our customers’ needs. Analog, messaging, voicemail and other telephony components are available.

Virus Disinfection
We provide disinfection services, ensuring the complete recovery of any computers infected during outbreaks of any given virus.

VoIP solutions
We design and implement business telephone systems that suit our customers’ needs. VoIP, messaging, voicemail and other telephony components are available.

Warranty Labour Services
We provide warranty labour on behalf of certain manufacturer warranties, to ensure our customers have rapid warranty service on repaired or replaced equipment.

Power and Environment Management

UPS installation and maintenance
We design, install and maintain redundant power supply and cooling solutions for customers’ critical network devices, including regular testing.

UPS monitoring
We monitor the ongoing performance of installed power supply solutions to ensure they are functioning properly, and are notified if abnormal conditions or failures occur.

Printer Services

Extended printer warranty
We offer a warranty plan for printers that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty. These plans include replacement of failed printer components specified in the warranty, as well as the labour associated with the repair.

Preventative printer maintenance
We conduct regular, manufacturer-recommended preventative maintenance on specific brands of customer printers and multifunction devices.

Print server and queue management
We deploy single or multiple print queues for multiple customer printer devices. Specific features include prioritization and scheduling of print jobs, real-time insight into print activity, print logs for accounting and job tracking, as well as group or user print quotas.

Printer services and repair
We are able to troubleshoot, service and repair specific brands of customer printers and multifunction devices.

Printer performance monitoring
Monitoring of the ongoing availability and performance of the hardware and printing interface. Monitoring and optional notification of networked printer connectivity, page counts, and toner levels, and specific printer error messages.

Printer supplies
We can supply our customers with toner, paper and ink for their printers and multifunction devices.

Programming and Development

Application and Web Development
Through our skilled software developers, we offer web development, and custom client-server application creation and development to meet specific customer needs.

Graphic Design
We offer professional graphic and design layout for websites, documents, publications or other requirements.

Security Services

Antivirus Management
Proper configuration and installation of supported antivirus applications on both servers and workstations. Includes ongoing maintenance, such as updates to the application, the virus definitions, and any necessary changes to the configuration. We also monitor your anti-virus software vendor’s website and public sites for information on new viruses and destructive programs.

Authentication Services
A number of systems rely heavily on security to ensure appropriate use and access. Central servers are available to ensure that all clients attempting to log in to one of these systems are authenticated first.

Availability / Connectivity Monitoring, Firewalls
Continuous monitoring of the availability and connectivity of the customer’s firewall to ensure the device is up and running.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Access Control
Protects information from the threats of unauthorized disclosure, modification, or destruction by limiting access to only authorized users.

Email Content and Attachment Filtering
Allows an organization to create and enforce email usage policies for inbound and/or outbound email messages using flexible content filters based on sender and recipient addresses, key words, and attachments. Enables companies to block or re-route inbound email messages containing unwanted email attachments. Allows administrators to use productivity filters to create inbound email policies based on attachment type, such as music, sound and movie files. Allows designated senders, such as the Customer’s designated partners, customers, and associates, to bypass specified email policies through an optional “approved sender list” feature.

Email SPAM filtering
Filter the customer’s email prior to arriving at the mail server, removing unwanted spam items and quarrantining them.

Encryption Services
Additional protection of customer information through the use of technologies such as server-to-server level encryption, public key infrastructure (PKI), password-protected files, encrypting routers and key management servers.

Firewall Management
We maintain the system version software and operating system of the customer’s firewall, continually manage policy and configuration changes, and coordinate necessary service outages with the customer to minimize access and security interruptions.

HTTP Content Management & Proxy Services
Greatly increase network security by monitoring and policing all traffic outbound and/or inbound to the network, while decreasing the bandwidth usages due to proxy services.

Intrusion Detection Services and/or Intrusion Prevention Services (IDS and/or IPS)
We implement and manage a system that collects and analyzes information from a variety of system and customer network resources, looking for signs of internal misuse or intrusion. IDS alert generally requires human evaluation of the threat and manual intervention to stop an attack. On the other hand, the more subtle and complex rules that an IDS uses to analyze system activity allow it to detect vulnerabilities and intrusions that a firewall may miss.

Microsoft ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration) Server [Firewall]
Ability to secure, manage and monitor clients network using Microsoft ISA Server. An integrated edge security gateway that helps protect IT environments from Internet-based threats while providing users with fast and secure remote access to applications and data.

Network Security Audits & Analysis
Using a combination of specialized tools and expertise, our security specialists discover and document the current security state of a customer network, taking into account current hardware, operating systems, applications, policies and configuration. We identify vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses that a customer may be exposed to, and offer a solution to remedy them.

Passive and Active Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing and Analysis
Vulnerability assessment scanning is the only proactive way to detect and resolve vulnerabilities and keep attackers out. The short time it takes to perform a scan can save hours of works, thousands of dollars in downtime and protect priceless proprietary data and information.

Physical Security
Ensures customer locations are safe from theft, intruders and vandalism and accidental damage. We integrate digital video surveillance and analytic technologies with your IT systems to secure customer premises.

Proxy Server Setup and Management
For an added layer of security to internet applications your business uses, we can configure, maintain and manage a proxy server to remove the majority of risk from your internal network.

Security Performance Monitoring, Antivirus
Continuous monitoring of the customer’s antivirus software, including information such as viruses detected/quarrantined, virus definition updates, and whether the application is running properly on each device.

Security Performance Monitoring, Firewalls
Continuous monitoring of the health and operation of the customer’s firewall, including security incidents reported, network traffic, and device availability.

Virus Outbreak Management
In the unlikely event of a major outbreak, it is important that the response is targeted and coordinated properly. An emergency response plan has been created for just that purpose and communications between this team and clients are maintained throughout the outbreak and recovery period.

Server and Application Support

Linux Management and Support
We design, implement and manage installations of the Linux operating system and LAMP web server installations (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Mac OS X Management and Support
We set up user and group permissions model as applied in Mac OS X, use the Terminal application to run BSD commands to accomplish simple administration tasks, configure Mac OS X workstations for networking, and troubleshoot common networking issues.

Microsoft Windows O/S Management
Patches are updated on a regular basis to the customer’s servers and desktops. Microsoft Baseline Analyzer and MS WSUS Server may be used.

RedHat (Fedora) Linux Management and Support
We design, implement and manage installations of the Red Hat distribution of the Linux operating system.

Remote Server Support
We can remotely maintain and service customer servers from our support desk / NOC. Everything from regular maintenance to troubleshooting and remediation can be conducted remotely, and reduces the need for on-site technician support.

Server Maintenance (applications)
Ongoing maintenance, updating and support of certain server-based applications (such as antivirus, business applications, etc.). These applications should be listed in the Notes field.

Server Maintenance (hardware and O/S)
We conduct scheduled maintenance of server equipment ensures reliability and continued high quality service. Optimizing hard drive performance, clearing logs & temp files, O/S patch updates, and other checklisted maintenance items.

Server Performance Monitoring (Applications) (performance monitoring 2)
Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and errors in server-based applications. (Performance Monitoring 2)

Server Performance Monitoring (Hardware) (performance monitoring 1)
Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and errors of server hardware components. (Performance Monitoring 1)

Server Performance Monitoring (O/S) (performance monitoring 1)
Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and errors in server-based Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Unix). (Performance Monitoring 1)

Server Support Services
We offer operating system (O/S) support for client servers and for resolving issues that arise with applications for client services such as email, calendaring, web servers, backup etc.